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Upholstery Cleaning

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Description du service

What do you see when you enter your house? Floor, Ceiling, Lights and Fabric. Upholstery has the power to catch our attention and make us feel at home. The fragrance of clean upholstery is something all of us admire. But what if this same upholstery is not clean, stained and smelly? Thinking of throwing it out and buying new? NO NEED! Let us bring it back to life. Our brilliant team of cleaners give you the best fabric cleaning service. These elite professionals will make your upholstery as good as factory outlet. We use professional equipment and best detergents in the industry. Our detergents our suitable for all allergy sufferers, pets and children, oh and did we mention it’s fast drying too! Services and Process: 1. Separating any cushions or sections to enable a thorough clean. 2. Vacuuming all areas – including the nooks and crannies to remove dust, dirt and any other debris. 3. Testing a small surface area with the most suitable detergent to confirm the suitability 4. Spraying the rest of the area. 5. Suction the detergent until clear, if necessary, a rinse with water will be done. 6. Vacuum dry Prices: Dining chair: £6 Armchair: £17 Two seater sofa: £22 Three seater sofa: £32 Four seater sofa: £42 Corner sofa: £50 Dining chair: £6 Service Information • Number of Cleaners :1 Cleaner • Visiting Hours :9.00am – 6.00pm • Contact :08000 614 189 • E-mail : Minimum charge for booking is £60 (can be combined with other services) Pricing includes our experienced cleaners and materials, equipment and detergents. If you are able to provide equipment and materials, respective amount shall be reduced.

Politique d'annulation

More than 48 hours’ notice: not chargeable, if paid can be refunded in full or credited for next visit. Less than 48 hours’ notice: chargeable at £15.00 Less than 24 hours’ notice: chargeable at £30.00 Cancellations are chargeable to ensure the financial wellbeing of our cleaners is not affected.



London, UK

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